5 Reasons You Should Choose Benjamin Moore Paints for Your Project this Year

Benjamin Moore Woodbridge Decorating projects are rarely straightforward. But there are some things we can do to make them less stressful—and one of them is choosing a quality paint brand you trust.

At Centropaint, we strive for unrivalled customer satisfaction and unbeatable results. That’s why we supply our Woodbridge customers with Benjamin Moore paints.

Why Our Woodbridge Customers Choose Benjamin Moore for their Projects

A few of the many reasons our customers love Benjamin Moore paints:

  1. They’re a joy to apply: Benjamin Moore paints are the byword for smooth application and superior coverage. Their outstanding quality means a little goes a long way, so you’ll find you won’t need to apply as many coats as you will with other paints. Saving on effort as well as application and clean up time—this is one of the many reasons they’ve long been the brand of choice for professionals.
  1. They’re durable and long lasting: Any space we inhabit will inevitably see some wear. Lucky then that Benjamin Moore paints are designed to keep their lustre for years, no matter how hard they’re worn. Known to stand up better than any other brand to cleaning and scrubbing, you needn’t worry about the odd spillage here and there. And their Colour Lock pigmentation technology will ensure your Woodbridge home looks as vibrant as the day it was painted.
  1. They’ve got an unbeatable range: Benjamin Moore have spent 130 plus years perfecting and expanding their products. Now with a staggering 3,400 colours to choose from for every texture, surface and finish, you’ll never run short of options. No matter your project, you can bet that they’ll have a paint for it.
  1. They’ll save you money: Yes, you heard us right. Premium paints saving you money? Well it’s true. We’ve found that the easy application and superior coverage of Benjamin Moore paints ends up saving a lot of time which, when you’re paying a contractor by the hour, adds up. Not to mention the money saved by having to buy less paint. Factor in the durability and longevity of your final paintjob and you’ve got yourself some significant savings.
  1. They’re the cleaner choice: The final clincher—they’re healthier for you and your family, and better for the environment. As the first North American paint manufacturer to move away from solvent based paints, all their products are now Waterborne. This means they’ve reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which had been found to cause respiratory and other health issues. And in their Natura range they take it one step further by eliminating VOCs altogether, making Benjamin Moore a paint brand you feel good about buying.

At Centropaint, we’re passionate about quality products and want our Woodbridge customers to be satisfied every time. That’s why we only stock the industry’s finest paint.

New to Benjamin Moore? Come pick up some samples from our Woodbridge paint store today or call us on 905-832-0870 to discuss your project.