Mistakes Our Colour Consultants Will Help You Avoid When Selecting Paint

Few things are as satisfying as a home improvement project successfully completed. On the other side of that coin however, are those situations when you finish, stand back and say “How did that happen?” This is actually a fairly common end result when the process of selecting the right paint for your home has been rushed or not so well considered. Thankfully, it’s a result that is also pretty easy to avoid. Below we’ll take you through some common house painting mistakes and show how our colour consultants can help you avoid them.

The Advantage of Using Our Colour Consultants

Choosing the wrong colour is not the end of the world, but it can cause you to waste time and money. Some common mistakes when choosing paint include:

  • Not Considering the Rest of the Room – It’s easy to get so caught up in thinking about how that Windsor blue is going to change your life that you forget to think about whether it goes with your maple hardwood floor. Bring photos of the room with you and show them to our colour consultants. They’ll help set you on the right colour path and save you lots of time and trouble.
  • Ignoring the Finish – A pretty common mistake is choosing a paint without paying attention to the finish. It happens all the time. Folks are in a rush to get going and leave the paint store unaware they’ve chosen a high gloss finish for their living room walls. When you work with our paint consultants they’ll make sure no details are overlooked.
  • Selecting Colours that are too Bright – Everybody wants a bright happy home and colours are certainly the foundation on which mood is built. That said, painting an entire room with a semi-gloss lime green will more likely result in eye strain than happiness. Our colour consultants can show you how to tone down your colour selections and still get the desired upbeat effect.
  • Not Taking a Colour for a Test Drive – You wouldn’t buy a car without first driving it around the block, why would you paint your room without first trying on the colour? Take a paint sample home with you and paint a large piece of heavy paper. Move it around the room at different times of the day. If it looks as good at 10 pm as it does at 10 am you’ve got yourself a colour.
  • Living with the Mistake – It can be hard to go back to the paint store and admit you made a mistake but living with the wrong colour is not an acceptable alternative. This time talk it over with our experts. They’ll be able to identify where your last choice went wrong and help you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Whether you live in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Thornhill, King City or Maple selecting paints for your home can be an exciting, fun experience. Let the colour consultants at Centro Paint help you make sure that it’s also a successful one.

Protect Your Home From Painting Mishaps with These Tips from Our Colour Consultants serving King City, Thornhill, Maple, Woodbridge and Vaughan

If you’ve got the paint and you’ve decided to tackle the transformation of the interior of one of the rooms in your home yourself, there’s one step (but a very important step) that you must take before you dive right in. We are of course referring to preparing the room before you paint. We’ve lost count of how many times a homeowner from Vaughan, Maple, Thornhill or King City has come into our paint store and spoke to a colour consultant on our team, asking how they can remove a paint stain from a carpet or a piece of furniture. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve put together a short checklist of some of the things you should do before you start painting.

Advice From a Colour Consultant: What to Do Before You Pick Up the Brush

If you’re equipped with everything needed to get the job done, it’s just a case of completing the following tasks before you can get started.

  • Move Furniture Out of the Way – This isn’t necessary just because of the danger of staining furniture with paint, it also makes the job much easier for you. Why stretch over furniture trying to reach the corner of a wall or potentially stumble over pieces of furniture with the paintbrush in your hand when you don’t need to?
  • Ensure Flooring is Protected – Unlike your furniture, you unfortunately can’t just remove your flooring from the room while the painting is completed. And simply laying an old sheet or a few sheets of newspaper underneath the paint tray isn’t going to suffice. It needs to be properly protected. Drop cloths are the best choice; the paint won’t soak through and they also prevents you from accidentally trailing paint all over your property should you accidentally get some on your shoes.
  • Pictures? Remove Them – If you’ve got any paintings or pictures hanging on the walls, remove them before you start. You don’t have to be a qualified colour consultant or work in a paint store to know that this is much easier (and less risky) than painting around these items, but you would be surprised at just how many people commit this error.
  • Outlet Covers & Switch Plates – If you’ve ever hired a professional to do some interior painting for you, you will probably have observed them take the outlet covers and switch plates off before painting those areas. This is because it’s virtually impossible to paint around these features without accidentally applying some paint to them. If you want to avoid this, you would be well advised to take them off too.

If you require further advice or still need help in choosing your paint and want to speak to a colour consultant, please get in touch with the team at Centro Paint & Decor.