Why a Good Paint Store Should Do More than Just Sell Paint

If you’re a paint store owner having knowledge of products related to your core business is not only good for you it’s good for your customers as well. House paint doesn’t exist in a vacuum after all and neither should the people who sell it. Countless homeowners have painted walls in one room and wallpaper in an adjoining room and if your staff can’t tell them how changing one will affect the other then maybe you and your staff should consider trying another business.

Centro Paint: More Than Your Typical Paint Store

The home decoration experts at Centro Paint take the time to listen to your questions and have the knowledge and experience necessary to advise you on a host of issues related to home decor. We feature some of today’s most renowned providers of high-end fabrics, window treatments, wallcoverings, home furnishings and more including:

  • Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics – One of Canada’s leading sellers of fine wallcoverings and decorative fabrics for more than 75 years.
  • Brewster Home Fashions – A global distributor of high end wallpaper and other products for home decoration and a leader in the home design marketplace.
  • Blue Mountain Wallcoverings – One of North America’s largest wallpaper manufacturing, design and supply companies.
  • Kravet Inc. – A century old distributor of luxury furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, carpets and more with offices in North America and around the world.
  • And of course, Benjamin Moore Paints – One of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality house paints and finishes and the backbone of our paint store business.

Of course featuring such an array of high quality home decoration materials and services would be meaningless if our staff were unable to provide you with timely, useful information and advice about them. That’s why at Centro Paint our staff are rigorously trained in the intricacies of all related disciplines and products. From the moment you walk in you’ll notice the difference as our wallpaper consultants and colour consultants guide you through the process of creating a total look for your home in Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge, King City or Thornhill.

A recent study by a major market research firm found that paint stores that enjoyed the highest levels of customer satisfaction and retention were the ones who;

  • Offered related services
  • Employed courteous, thoroughly trained staff
  • Were able to guide customers through all aspects of their home decoration project

The results of this study were no surprise to us as we’ve always believed in the value of elite customer care and have invested heavily in making sure our home decoration pros are some of the best in the business.

So bring your decorating questions to Centro Paint and let us help you craft a comprehensive aesthetic blueprint for your home. You’ll get access to both the best materials available on the market today and a level of personal care that will allow you to relax and make informed decisions. At Centro Paint we’re more than a paint store, we’re your global home decoration resource.

Should You Ask Your Paint Store to Actually Paint Your Home in King City, Thornhill, Maple, Woodbridge and Vaughan?

Many times a paint store will not only provide top quality paint to consumers, it will also offer professional services to actually apply that paint to the interior of your home. “But can’t I just do it myself?” we hear you say. You certainly could and many in Vaughan, Maple, Thornhill and King City do, but there are also a number of reasons to consider hiring a pro to do the work for you.

Why You Should Ask Paint Store Staff If They Can Do the Work for You

Too many people dismiss the idea of having staff from a paint store do their painting for them as an added cost without considering the benefits that such an arrangement could provide. Here are a few to consider:

  • Essential Preparation Done – Ask any colour consultant or other team member in our paint store what the most common error people make when painting their home is and they will likely say “a lack of preparation.” The preparation before painting is done requires a significant time investment and that’s why many DIYers skip this step, but it often proves essential to the end result. This process won’t be skipped if you hire a pro.
  • Massive Time Saving – Let’s get one thing straight. When done properly, home painting is often very time consuming and it’s really hard work. And if you have very little experience it will often take you even longer. Why labour for several days when a professional could come in and do the same job in a couple of hours?
  • No Materials are Wasted – The average homeowner will often buy resources they don’t really need, forget to buy items they do need and then waste paint while they’re actually doing the job. That’s not even mentioning the possible need to buy the proper tools if you don’t already own them. This all drives the price of the project up unnecessarily. Professional painters already own everything that is required and will only bring along the resources needed to complete the job. A paint store will also often offer a discount should you hire their contractors to do the work.
  • Expert Clean-Up – Professional painters understand the importance of being thorough during the clean-up process since they often reuse many of the tools and resources that they use. This often translates to a higher quality finish than you could possibly hope to achieve on your own.

Home painting is not as easy as people like to make out, not if you want to be proud of the end result. Avoid the hassle of doing it yourself by talking to the staff at your local paint store and asking whether they are able to do the work on your behalf.